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September 07, 2004



Yay for hoity toity titles that allow you to do SAHM stuff with your babies! I totally understand your feelings of resentment--a bit presumptuous of the new teacher plus that feeling of the body not yet going cold and her jumping on in. Just taking liberties with someone else's cultivated collections and such usually would make one go abristle. I think you're not out of the realm of acceptable emotions. She should have asked, that's all!

On the happier note, I can't wait to take a peek at the pics, and your flirty apron for MIL looks AWESOME. Continue to kick arse. You are totally inspiring me to get my act together. =)


WHAT!!!!! How rude! Ewww! She should have waited for you to take the stuff, not kept it.
I am glad you'll have more family time!


I would have been very angry with her. I don't like people touching my stuff, let alone packing it up. Almost like saying, Here is your stuff, now leave! I commend you for getting her a gift, I couldn't have brought myself to do that.


p.s., thanks so much for the additional link to the suite thing. You are such a sweet thing!


I had to laugh about the lawnchair extravaganza comment. The best perk of my husband's job is his Dell projector. We love to put a big sheet on the wall and have "movie night." It's the best! I told him he couldn't quit his job because we'd HAVE to buy one. :)


I wonder why it is that we women think that we need to be so 'nice' when things like this happen. A man would have just laid her out for her rudeness and the fact that she basically tried to steal your stuff.

And then, you're going to give her a gift? Why? (Sorry, I don't mean to sound so gruff, but what are you trying to thank her for? Her presumptuousness?) What she really needs is for you to honestly tell her (in a non-angry way) how she made you feel. Otherwise, she'll do it to the next guy or girl, thinking that it is okay.

I think you deserve to be respected, and she's not been respecting you.



Wow...the nerve of just taking over your stuff. I'm glad you were able to get it all back. I would've been SO mad!! But I have to say you're being very nice...even giving her a present.


Hi everyone!
Thanks so much for your responses. I was told at work that I was "overreacting" to the situation, and it's great to hear that others would feel the same. So I appreciate all of your feedback.

The gift I bought her is nothing more than a $4.00 pen to thank her for packing up my stuff -- which I need to add that it probably took her a full work day to do. I haven't yet given it to her, and I am still debating whether or not to do so. I did, however, leave her a type-written note that let her know how I really felt about the situation (that she was basically STEALING my stuff).

To make matters worse, I'm paired up with her to be her mentor teacher. Geez, we gotta do something about this one.


I say kill her with niceness..that's my motto ;)

love love love the apron :)


That is AWESOME that she kept your personalized pencils. What an idiot!!!!!!!


I KNOW this is an old post.. but WHAT THE! that is so attrocious.. when I read your most reccent post, I thought, she can't have taken that much, can she? but OMFG! she took so much! what on earth.. I think I understand people disliking others touching their stuff, but I agree with you it was nice of her - but her taking so many personal belongings - especially stuff like your home videos of your kids, and your personalized pens.. what a freak! I'd be so mad! And you can't even get mad, because she CLAIMS she was helping! *ARG!*


Now HOLD ON A MINUTE!! I didn't get to this part until tonight *after reading your recent post on this thief teacher*
This is JUST the thing I was talking about. Why oh why do we "nice girls" feel that we need to make sure it's okay with the bitches if we are uncomfortable with their nerve?? I'm sick to death of walking on eggshells around the kind of women who trample all over everyone's feelings like a big, huge, thoughtless buffalo!!
You keep that pen as a reminder that unthoughtful *don't EVEN full yourself that she did all that packing as a favor to YOU...she did it because she was ready to take CLAIM over the classroom, and the best way to do that was to get your stuff the heck out of there!!* people will not be kissed in the arse by you, the nice girl, anymore. another thing...don't EVEN be worried about being her mentor. You've done absolutely NADA wrong, she is the one who should be horrified that the woman she treated like a wad of used gum is her "superior"...you are...I've decided...even if it's not official.


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