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August 20, 2004


little things

One of my friends has that exact camera and it takes the most beautiful photos!


You know that's the camera I want. Must sell stuff from store, must sell stuff from store! :) I drool over it everytime. Never fails.


I have camera envy - I'd love one of those too! The knitting project looks awesome, too - you have a lucky MIL!


Last week I FINALLY bought the camera I was coveting - the Nikon D70 which is the equivalent to the Digital Rebel and I love it. :) (Long story short, I saved $ to get LASIK and found out I wasn't an ideal candidate, blew the $ on the camera). I may have to start my blog again just so I can post all the pics I've been taking!


Hello All - Yes, I am suffering from camera envy. Big time! Someday it will be mine...it will be mine.

Anne - Congrats on the camera! The Nikon is quite the dapper dude too. Yes, you must re-think the blog thing! We've been missing you!

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