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justJENN's Surprise!

justJENN's Surprise!

Jenn is the QUEEN of surprises! Remember the whole baby shower? A couple of weeks ago she sent over three keychains (already in the kids' posession!) for the three kids -- they were customized at Disneyland!!!

She also sent over this fantastic blanket for Kate -- it's perfect for the summer as it's not too hot, not too cold!! PERFECT! And one can never have enough blankets!!!

Oh, and a couple of days after my birthday, Jenn came over. She also brought along lots of YUMS for my b-day......Hawaiian goodies and treats. I would have photographed them, but, *burp* they're all gone!!! I know, I'm a pig!

Be sure to check out her other goods at her online shop. Her notepads are super fun to make!!!

Thank you, Jenn! :)